Benefits of Meat Tumbling

Meat tumblers have recently gained popularity in the meat processing industry because of the many benefits processors and consumers see in the end product. Commonly known as meat tumbling, the process also goes by massage tumbling, vacuum tumbling and marinating. The goal of this process is to evenly distribute the marinade, promote salt soluble proteins to the surface and increase the water binding capacity. Once surfaced, the salt-soluble proteins can absorb water helping increase product yield. Tumbling also helps to infuse seasoning into the proteins for a more flavorful product. The mechanical force applied to move the meat can also help tenderize the product and give it a more uniform appearance.


Meat tumblers offer numerous benefits to the processor as well as the consumer. We’ve listed some of the immediate benefits below to the processors:

  • Even distribution of cure color and seasoning

  • Consistent salt levels throughout the product

  • More economical than soaking and rubbing methods

  • More efficient brine usage

  • Reduced sawdust cost – Product takes smoke better

  • Reduced marinating and soak time

  • Faster inventory turnover

  • Reduced end-product cost

  • Reduced shrinkage

  • Increase product yield

  • Improved cost control


Not only do processors get a better value for their product, the consumer enjoys numerous benefits:

  • More tender product

  • More moist product

  • Enhanced flavor from less purge and less cooking loss

  • Fresher taste

  • Improved appearance (more consistent color)

  • Even salt levels throughout the product

The Lance Industries’ massage tumblers are pieces of equipment that can greatly enhance the quality and consistency of your products. As a processor, not only can it add value to your products, but also will greatly improve the final product for the consumer.

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