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Why won’t my drum rotate, but my vacuum works?2019-10-11T20:15:19+00:00

Unplug the unit and check the DC fuse. If the fuse is good, verify that the photo-eyes are aligned properly. (Please reference your product manual if you have any questions on how to do this)

If you have an intermittent timer, the timer may be timed out and that prevents it from cycling again as well.

Can you retrofit new timers and gauges on older machines?2019-10-11T20:14:02+00:00

Yes, we can provide conversion instructions, however, a couple of wires may need to be moved and reconnected.

Can you rotate the drum with the vacuum hose on?2019-11-21T20:47:34+00:00

No, that will rip the hose. You will need to pull vacuum from the drum first, disconnect the hose, and then rotate.

I struggle with removing the lid. Why is that?2019-10-11T20:18:23+00:00

Make sure to loosen the knobs before opening the release valve.

Can the tumblers be put in the cooler?2019-10-11T20:19:20+00:00

They can, however, there will be condensation inside the control panel. Painted parts may rust, but the condensation should evaporate as the machine is running due to the internal heat. The components on the control board have been encapsulated, this protects them from the moisture.

What happens if liquid gets in the vacuum trap jar?2019-10-11T20:20:22+00:00

As the volume rises in the jar, the ball will cut off the vacuum. To remove the liquid, close the valve, take the jar off, empty and clean.

I am having issues with the light on the back of the photo eye. It is not on. What do I do?2019-10-11T20:21:55+00:00

Refer to the product manual’s section on aligning the photo-eyes. Also make sure to clean and dry both the photo-eyes and the reflectors. Use a soft cloth so the photo-eye lens doesn’t scratch. Sometimes, putting a little Rain-X on can help the water shed off faster.

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