Benefits of Tumbling Products
The Lance Massage Tumbler is a piece of equipment that can greatly enhance the quality and consistency of your products. A processor not only can add value to his or her product, but also will greatly improve the final product for the consumer. Here are some of the immediate benefits to the processor:    1. Even distribution of cure and seasoning    2. Consistent salt levels throughout the product    3. Reduced labor cost over soaking and rubbing methods    4. Reduced cure cost-No brine is being dumped down the drain    5. Reduced sawdust cost-Product takes smoke better    6. Free up extra cooler space by reducing marinating and soak time    7. Energy savings form reduced cooling and smoke time    8. Reduced inventory    9. Faster inventory turnover  10. Reduced product cost  11. Reduced shrinkage  12. Improved cost control  13. Added value to the product  14. Overall improved quality of product Customers are sure to notice these changes in your product:    1. More tender product    2. More moist product    3. Enhanced flavor from less purge and less cooking loss    4. Fresher taste    5. Improved appearance (more consistent color)    6. Even salt levels throughout the product  
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